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runner-up and finder-out

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用The noun runner-up has one meaning: Meaning #1: the competitor who finishes second
Synonym: second best


The Winter's Tale by William Shakespeare
Part 3 out of 3 ..... to me; for had I been the finder-out of this secret, it would not ...

relish (SING)

讀楊聯陞說葉公超先生最早介紹 "O.E.D.的貢獻"

現在參考資料多 可以補齊之


━━ n. 味, 風味, 香り; 美味; 面白味; 趣味, 嗜好(しこう), 強い好み ((for)); 調味料, 薬味, (ピクルスなどの)つけ合せ; 気味, 少量 ((of)).
with (a) relish うまそうに; おもしろそうに.
━━ vt. 味わう; 好む, 楽しむ ((doing)); 味をつける.
━━ vi. 味[風味]がある ((of)); 気味がある ((of)).

其中最有名的是 動詞當 sing/warble

The Rape of Lucrece
'You mocking birds,' quoth she, 'your tunes entomb Within your ... A woeful hostess brooks not merry guests: Relish your nimble notes to pleasing ears;Distress likes dumps when time is kept with tears". The by play of the musicians in Romeo and Juliet not only ...

Two Gentlemen of Verona

SPEED Marry, by these special marks: first, you have
learned, like Sir Proteus, to wreathe your arms,
like a malecontent; to relish a love-song, like a
robin-redbreast; to walk alone, like one that had
the pestilence; to sigh, like a school-boy that had
lost his A B C; to weep, like a young wench that had
buried her grandam; to fast, like one that takes
diet; to watch like one that fears robbing; to
speak puling, like a beggar at Hallowmas. You were
wont, when you laughed, to crow like a cock; when you
walked, to walk like one of the lions; when you
fasted, it was presently after dinner; when you
looked sadly, it was for want of money: and now you
are metamorphosed with a mistress, that, when I look
on you, I can hardly think you my master.

2007年12月5日 星期三

« Macbeth » Act I. Scene VII 一段


William Shakespeare 的« Macbeth » Act I. Scene VII

之一段 最近查兩單字 trammelsurcease
覺得問題不小 應該留紀錄供日後參考

這"馬克白"中文近十本 現在抄錄呂健忠先生以詩體翻譯的 (台北:書林 1999 pp.124-25)

MACBETH. If it were done when 'tis done, then 'twere well
It were done quickly. If the assassination
Could trammel up the consequence, and catch,
With his surcease, success; that but this blow
Might be the be-all and the end-all -here,
But here, upon this bank and shoal of time,
We'ld jump the life to come....



如果這事做成了就算完事那麼這事是愈 快做成愈妙:如其此番暗殺能把後患一網打盡於暗殺完成之時便算穩獲勝利: 如其只此一擊便可實現一生懷抱我僅僅說這一生在這時間之海的淺瀨上 --那麼我們寧可冒了死後的危險而不惜一試了 (註)

sur·cease (sûrss, sr-ss)

tr. & intr.v. sur·ceased, sur·ceas·ing, sur·ceas·es
To bring or come to an end; stop.

[Middle English surcesen, variant (influenced by cesen, to cease) of sursesen, from Anglo-Norman surseser, from Old French surseoir, sursis-, to refrain, from Latin supersedre; see supersede.]


(trăm'əl) pronunciation

n. - 拘束, 束縛物, 阻礙物
v. tr. - 拘束, 束縛, 阻礙

日本語 (Japanese)

━━ n. 馬かせ ((調教用)); (普通pl.) 束縛, 拘束(物); 魚[鳥]網 三重網(用以捕魚、鳥等之三層曳網,外面兩層為粗網,中間夾一層細網) ; (やかんなどをつるす)自在かぎ; (pl.) だ円コンパス.橢圓規
━━ vt. (〈英〉-ll-) 拘束する; 妨げる.

  1. A shackle used to teach a horse to amble.
馬梏 am・ble ━━ n., vi. 【馬術】側対歩(で歩く) ((同じ側の両足を片側ずつ同時に上げて歩く緩歩)); 緩歩(する); ぶらぶら歩く.
  1. Something that restricts activity, expression, or progress; a restraint.
〔常用複數〕束縛物;抑止物;障礙物: the trammels of custom. 習俗的束縛
Syn.: drag , hobble, curb, inhibition.

  1. Editors discuss their frustrations in the age of refrigerator-magnet journalism.

    ...articles about kids and their dogs. Instead of standing up for the independence of the editorial process, exempt from every trammel and temptation, editors these days wrangle with marketing directors who say ''the product'' has to be ''more reader...

    April 14, 1997 - - Business - 884 words
  1. A vertically set fishing net of three layers, consisting of a finely meshed net between two nets of coarse mesh.
  2. An instrument for describing ellipses.

  3. An instrument for gauging and adjusting parts of a machine; a tram.
  4. An arrangement of links and a hook in a fireplace for raising and lowering a kettle.
tr.v., -meled or -melled, -mel·ing or -mel·ling, -mels or -mels.
  1. To enmesh in or as if in a fishing net. See synonyms at hamper1.
  2. To hinder the activity or free movement of.

[Middle English tramale, a kind of net, from Old French tramail, from Late Latin trēmaculum : Latin trēs, three + Latin macula, mesh.]

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